Episode from 07.11.2011
Episode from 07.11.2011


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A-CDM Certificate

Airport CDM has been in regular operation at Frankfurt Airport since 23rd February, 2011, with all six Airport Colaborative Decision Making elements successfully implemented.
Eurocontrol awarded Frankfurt Airport for its successful and completed Airport CDM implementation.


Project Excellence Award 2011

German Project Excellence Award 2011 - Award winning Airport-CDM@FRA

On October 25, the joint Fraport and DFS project team for implementing Airport-CDM at Frankfurt Airport “A-CDM@FRA” was awarded second winner in the prestigious German Project Excellence Award 2011.In 2011, roughly a dozen companies from various industries applied for the award, organized by the German Society for Project Management since 1997. The aim of the award is to increase the recognition of project work and to motivate project teams to develop and improve.   The award recognizes project excellence and is divided into the following assessment criteria:

Project Results

  • Customer Results
  • People Results and Results of Other Parties involved
  • Key Perfomance and Project Results

Project Management

  • Project Objectives
  • Leadership, People & Resources
  • Process

According to the jury, A-CDM@FRA was placed in a complex project environment and has proven outstanding stakeholder management in achieving stakeholder satisfaction.

At Frankfurt Airport, the project mainly consisted of operational personnel from DFS and Fraport, strongly supported by DFS´ and Fraport´s IT-departments.

Effective February 23, 2011, the process Airport-CDM@FRA including adverse conditions was fully and successfully implemented at the airport and since then Frankfurt Airport is officially called a “CDM-Airport”.