Begin Boarding

Begin Boarding within the Digital Gate Anouncement System (DGA)

At Frankfurt Airport Begin Boarding has to be initiated by using the Begin Boarding function of the Digital Gate Announcement System (DGA).

Access to the DGA will be provided free of charge by Fraport AG.

The use of the DGA is outlined in the Fraport "Guidelines for our customers 2 - passenger services".

There are two possibilities to commence the boarding procedure:

  • Pressing the button "1st call" for acoustic announcement at the gate.
  • Pressing the button "Begin Boarding" without acoustic announcement.

Both possibilities will set the Airport CDM timestamp ASBT (Actual Start Boarding Time).

Please keep in mind:

Please register for the Digital Gate Announcement System (DGA) by sending an e-mail with the Name and SITA-address of your company at Frankfurt to following persons of Fraport:

In case of questions or problems, please contact