New Content on De-icing Operation at Frankfurt Airport

The presentation from the webinar Winter Operations in the Context of A-CDM (english) as well as a tutorial on de-icing for airlines and TOBT managers (german) are now available in the Library.


Airport Map as a new functionality in the CSA-Tool

On November 02, 2020, the “Airport Map” will be made available to all users as a new tab in the CSA-Tool. Due to the dynamic display of the current ground situation, this new function is an important milestone for improving situational awareness as part of the A-CDM process. Learn more.


New Aircraft De-Icing Plan 2020/2021

The new Aircraft De-Icing Plan for the Winter Season 2020/2021 is now avaiblable. The document contains the most important information regarding the local Aircraft De-Icing Procedure. The De-Icing Plan is available in English and German and can now be downloaded in the Library.


Harmonised Annual KPI Report 2019

The 2019 edition of the Annual KPI Report is ready! This document contains important performance indicators that are comparable across all German A-CDM airports. It aids in recognising local as well as national trends and  developments.The Report for the year 2019 is available in English and German and can now be downloaded in the Library.


New A-CDM Brief Description and Flight Crew Briefing available 

The A-CDM Brief Description and the Flight Crew Briefing have been updatet based on the latest developments and changes in the content of Airport CDM. The documents can now be downloaded in the Library.


10th Airport CDM @ FRA Forum

The 10th Airport CDM @ FRA Forum was successfully conducted on 28th of August 2019. More than 60 participants took part in the forum and listened to the presentations of the A-CDM @ FRA Team:

  • Commissioning the new CSA-Tool: Introducing the new CSA-Tool and new features. Information on how the conversion to the new CSA-Tool will take place. Link
  • Current A-CDM procedure topics: Compliance with procedures and interactions of TOBT and EOBT especially for regulated flights (with CTOT). Link
  • “Aircraft Ready”: Presentation of the new concept / procedure for the determination and use of the process status and the time of "Aircraft Ready" (ARDT). Link