A-CDM Team

Name Position
Stefan Hilger

Fraport AG

Local A-CDM Manager and Team- leader; Management of further A-CDM developments; Representation in German and European initiatives for A-CDM harmonization; Communication and publications

Steffen Günther-Schmitz 

Fraport AG

Contact Person for operational Staff; Procedure Moitoring and Quality Management; Requirements Management for systems and procedures; Deputy Local A-CDM Manager

Edgar König 

Fraport AG 

Development, implementation, operation and support of A-CDM systems and technique;Delivery Manager for the system 'Pre-Departure Sequenzer'

Niklas Jost  

Fraport AG 

Project management; Process monitoring; Process and data analysis; Key Performance Indicators (KPI); Homepage 

Heiko Fella  

Deutsche Flugsicherung 

Tower procedures; Operational training; Contact person for Network Management (NMOC) matters; A-CDM requirements management for DFS systems

Martin Heinz 

FRA Vorfeldkontrolle GmbH

Apron Procedures (Offblock and Remote Holding); Position and Gate Allocation

Manuela Distler

Fraport AG

Pre-Departure Sequenzing; A-CDM system requirement management and airside process engineering; SESAR - development of Airport Operations Plan; Deicing process engineering

Marten Leuthold  Fraport AG
Pre-Departure Sequencing; A-CDM system requirement management; Airside process engingeering