Local A-CDM Procedure

Since November 3rd, 2010, Airport-CDM is mandatory procedure for all process partners involved at Frankfurt Airport.
This section contains:

  • General overview of the A-CDM procedure
  • All necessary information to take part in the A-CDM procedure at Frankfurt Airport:
Important steps for preparation

We kindly ask you to execute following steps to prepare for operation:

  1. Announcement of the TOBT-Manager
  2. CSA-Tool
  3. Begin Boarding and DGA
  4. Minimum Turn-Round Time
  5. A-CDM Alerting

The CSA-Tool (Common Situational Awareness Tool) gives every aircraft operator or ground handler the opportunity to handle the TOBT of her/his flights. It is the webbased A-CDM information sharing plattform.

The Digital Gate Announcement System (DGA) shall be used by all airlines at Frankfurt Airport to initiate Boarding.